Bite Night: Celebrity Shark Bait

Audience: 3.6m, 16.4%

Date: 5th September 2005

Radio Times review:
This isn't as awful as you might expect. In fact, it's quite good fun. The participants are a nicely mixed bunch. Richard E Grant, Ruby Wax, Colin Jackson and Amy Nuttall (from Emmerdale) all seem to take the challenge of coming face to face with a great white shark quite seriously. In fact, it's a lifelong ambition of Grant's. The quartet is flown to South Africa. Grant and Wax are both experienced divers, while Nuttall and Jackson need training. They all watch scary footage of sharks attacking shark cages of the type they'll be using, before everyone heads out to so-called Shark Alley. Frankly, there's a lot of preamble for a fairly short diving and sharkwatching sequence, though the underwater shots are worth seeing.

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