Incredible Animal Journeys: In the Footsteps of the Ice Bear

BBC 1, 8pm Sunday
(4.3 million, 17.4% Audience Share)

Incredible Animal Journeys (BBC1, Sunday) and the frozen wastes of Svalbard, where hunky Steve Leonard is looking for a polar bear called Aurora. She shouldn't be too hard to find, as she's wearing a GPS transmitter on her collar, but it still takes him most of the programme to track her down. In the meantime, Steve gets to show us how brave he is (by avoiding ice falling from crumbling glaciers, and being chased by walruses), and how hunky he is (by allowing us into his cabin when he's got his top off). We even meet a couple of polar bears who aren't Aurora. Aurora's worth the wait though, because she's got a little cub with her. Surely there's nothing in the world as lovely as a baby polar bear, even if their mums are highly likely to bite your head off.

Example Audience log: Felt that Steve Leonard was an excellent presenter. "He made me feel as though I was there with him, he is an natural presenter."

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