Galapagos: Islands that changed the world

BBC2 Friday 6th October
(3.1 million, 15% Audience Share)

It was on Galapagos that a 26-year-old Charles Darwin had his initial eureka moment into the theory of evolution that was to utterly change the way we view our place in the world. The second part of this eye-popping documentary touches on Darwin's first and only visit to these islands. At the time he wrote: "Nothing could be less inviting. Nothing more rough and horrid."

The real draw is the incredible wildlife photography of sights like the male frigate birds with inflatable red throat pouches which double as pillows. And if you've always had a soft-spot for owls, be prepared for a bit of a shock as they're revealed here to be the muggers of the animal world. On one of the islands, short-eared owls hunt for storm petrels by lurking just inside their burrows and waiting for the little birds to return home before pouncing. The brutes!

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