Killer Shark Live

Audience: 1.7m, 7.0% 3/10/05
1.0m, 4.2% on 4/10/05
Channel Five, 8pm

Times Online
Since these programmes go out live over the next seven days, it is difficult to know whether the presenters Donal MacIntyre and Nick Baker will go swimming with sharks. One can but hope. But we do know the programmes will be broadcast from a diving boat off the Californian coast and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego and involve scientific experiments and commentary from shark behaviourists.

In case you’re thinking this is all a bit earnest, don’t worry. It’s still Five. Every night, the publicity blurb promises there will be footage of shark attacks from around the world, including "Heather Boswell’s leg severed when she was bitten off the coast of Chile, and an Australian great white shark ripping the leg off a teenage girl on a Lilo". There’s one for the diary.

Radio Times
Tonight wildlife expert Nick Baker, anchored in shark-infested waters in the Pacific Ocean, attempts to tag a Great White with a purpose-built camera for a world first - "shark cam". And another world first, the autopsy of a Tiger Shark. Presented by Donal MacIntyre live from San Diego.

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