Deep Blue

Viewing Figures: 4.7m, 20.4%
Date: 6th September 2005

Radio Times Review
Filmed over three years in dozens of locations, including Antarctica, the Maldives, Cayman Islands and Azores, David Attenborough's BBC television series The Blue Planet provided a visually striking and occasionally harrowing insight into the staggering diversity of marine life that populates the oceans. This offshoot film is excerpts from that series edited together - it loses Attenborough's narrative, allowing viewers to sit back and appreciate the astounding cinematography with little interruption. A sense of ever-present danger pervades the footage of dolphins, penguins, seals and baby whales, even when they are engaged in play, but it's the bizarre inhabitants of the seemingly more tranquil world 5,000 metres below the surface that really catch the eye. It's a shame that Michael Gambon's few moments of commentary couldn't have been more informative, but the images, especially those of the more ethereal ocean-floor species that had never been seen before, are magnificent.

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