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Today's Review from Radio Times
Series following people who protect and work closely with wildlife and domestic animals. RSPCA Animal Collections Officer Andy Sowdon is on the trail of a runaway cat, injured after a road traffic accident. We visit the Geltsdale Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reserve in Cumbria and get to see the important work of Investigations Officer Guy Shorrock and his dedicated team of workers and volunteers who protect one of England's rarest birds, the hen harrier.


  1. Anonymous4:53 AM

    I have just watched this program 10/10/07 I saw a man with a yard full of Japanese Akita's, the RSPCA inspector visited him he said he wanted to breed the dogs!! the inspector didn't explain about breeding dogs and the requirements. And was ridiculously easy going about it given that the man admitted never walking them!!! and the fact that their enviroment was DANGEROUS for them to be kept in. than the man said he wants to sell the pups to get the cash to clear the yard, so there will be 5 Akitas and a load of pups living in these dire conditions. so she decides to give him a chance!!! I cant believe the RSPCA let this happen. This is why we have dogs homes full of unwanted pups and dogs because of so called breeders like these, GREED BREEDERS only in it for the money. do you believe he will spend the money on the yard, and make sure the pups go to a good home!!! they will be advertised in the local paper for around £500 and never thought of again!!! I am more angry at the RSPCA in this case!! Mark Freeman, Plymouth,Devon.

  2. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Just watched this programme about the Nikita dogs. I cannot believe these "people" were allowed to keep the dogs. On the third visit the dog still did not have a bowl of water he could reach, what happens when the camera's have stopped rolling. What happens when it rains, did the dogs have shelter (or from the sun). Sorry, I support all work by the RSPCA but those beautiful dogs have been condemned to a miserable existance, re-homing them would have made a much more satifactory outcome.