ITV1 7.30pm, 14/11/2006
2.9m 15.3% share

Please note that as these programmes were tailored to individual nations and regions to launch Extinct, these audience figures will refer to the local London region.

'ITV has joined forces with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in a unique project to highlight the plight of some of Earth's most endangered animals and attempt to save threatened species from extinction. Joanne Malin and Tamzin Sylvester present this special report, which sees polar bears, gorillas and tigers listed as those most at risk. Extinct reveals what we can do to help stop these creatures being completely wiped out.' Pick of the Day, The Daily Express -

WWF Press Release
WWF-UK is excited to announce Extinct, a brilliant new television series in collaboration with ITV1. The programme will raise desperately needed funds and generate awareness about WWF's work around the world dealing with threats to endangered species and their habitats.
Extinct is a prime time show running from Saturday 9 to Saturday 16 December on ITV1, supported by a daytime quiz. Look out for regional programmes tonight (14 November) to launch the series.

Over the course of a week the programmes will feature eight endangered species around the world. Each species will be presented by a celebrity travelling to projects to learn about the threats these species face, and the solutions WWF and our partners are working on to ensure their survival.

The animals and celebrities being featured in the programme are the Bengal tiger, mountain gorilla, giant panda, Asian elephant, polar bear, orang-utan, leatherback turtle and hyacinth macaw. These animals will be represented by David Suchet, Anneka Rice, Pauline Collins, Michael Portillo and Graeme Le Saux, among others.
You and the public will be asked to vote for your favourite species. The winning species will receive 50% of the total funds raised. The remaining 50% will be split equally between the seven runners-up.

To find out more visit extinct.wwf.org.uk for all the latest news - we'll be keeping you updated.

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