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Planet Earth Under Threat (Prog 1 of 8)
Monday 20th November at 9pm
Gabrielle Walker presents Planet Earth under Threat – a major new series on the impacts of climate change on the living world.
Listen to one of the 'on-Air' trails:
Presented by Gabrielle Walker
Produced by Julian Hector

Rum Goings On

Tuesday 21st November at 11am
In the 1940s a scientific fraud threatened to rock the British botanical establishment, when the eminent Professor J W Heslop Harrison claimed to have found some extraordinary plants on the Island of Rum in the Hebrides. A recent study has revisited his work, and as Julian Pettifer discovers, there is a new twist to an old tale.
Presented by Julian Pettifer
Produced by David Parkinson

Shared Earth (Prog 5 of 6)
Friday 24th November at 3pm
Dylan Winter enjoys some of the best autumn wildlife spectacles in Scotland - from salmon leaping upstream to spawn on a river in full spate in Perthshire to the arrival of tens of thousands of overwintering geese on Islay. He also finds out how the largest conservation project for Atlantic salmon is ensuring the rivers are in the best condition for the returning fish and what management plans are in place so local farmers on Islay can still make a living whilst accommodating their noisy and destructive winter visitors.
Presented by Dylan Winter
Produced by Sheena Duncan

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