BBC 3, 8:30pm

Your body is a breeding place for millions of creatures which live on you and in you and most are invisible to the human eye – until now. Using cutting-edge technology, Grime Scene Investigation reveals a hidden world of organisms living all over our bodies. Specialist cameras film close-up footage of the billions of bacteria, fungi and parasites that live on us. Brushing your teeth, combing your hair and flushing the toilet will never be the same again after Grime Scene Investigation brings viewers face to face with some of the horrific creatures we share our bodies with. Scientists will examine how these critters survive, what impact they have on us and what purpose, if any, they serve.

6/8. Cambridge Breakdancers: Presenter Rufus Hound and the team check out a household of breakdace champions. Their home is over run with junk and filled with dust and bugs.

An RDF Bristol production

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