Natural World: Eye for an Elephant

2.8 million, 12% Audience Share
01.11.06, BBC 2 8pm

Picks of the day from The Daily Express:
Natural World: Eye For An Elephant, 8pm, BBC2 The African elephant is the biggest land creature in the world, and wildlife photographer Martyn Colbeck has spent the best part of two decades studying them. The result is this magnificent film, in which he captures elephants at work and play.

Memorable moments include the rare sight of two bulls fighting, and a night-time birth, watched by the rest of the family. Colbeck also observes desert elephants in Namibia and forest elephants in the Congo.

Especially touching is the powerful image of a mother elephant grieving for her dead calf. We learn that elephants 'cry' at times of intense emotion, because glands near their eyes stream when they're unhappy.

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