Shark Therapy

Sunday 19th Nov, 6:30pm, BBC2
In an attempt to overcome her shark phobia, Tanya Streeter travels to a shark hot-spot in the Indian Ocean, to meet the massive sharks of the Maldives. Her goal: to dive with the biggest shark in the world. But she is soon terrified out of the water by 2-foot long reef sharks. It takes an encounter with a spectacular shoal of manta rays to tempt her back in. In this difficult personal journey, Tanya freedives at night amongst feeding white-tips, discovers the curious deep-living zebra shark and comes face to face with the largest fish in the sea: the mighty whale shark.

1 comment:

  1. Daniel4:02 PM

    This was an amazing program ! Really enjoyed it, I am upset I missed the beginning, however the show has re-motivated me and my dream to swim with sharks. What I would love is to see the program again.

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