Natural History Filming Checklist

Here's a quick checklist that I have found useful when researching a natural history story.
- Paul Williams


* Are the study animals marked in any way?

* How often does the behaviour occur?

* Do you have any photographs/video of the behaviour/habitat?

* How many study animals do you have?

* Who is the top scientist studying this animal (get their contact details and best time/way to get in touch with them)? Where are they based?

Does this behaviour occur naturally in the wild, or is only seen in captivity?

What time of year does the behaviour occur/can be filmed?

Do we need permits to film/handle or collect the animal?

How do we get the behaviour to occur?

How do they react to light/being handled?
How can we film the animal without disturbing their behaviour (viewing platforms etc.)?


How easy to access the location?

What does the setting/backdrop/habitat look like?
Are the enclosures naturalists (and how big are they)?

Distance from the nearest major town/international Airport?

Do we need permits to film in the location?

Do you have any other locations where this could be filmed?

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