Wild Caribbean: Treasure Islands

BBC 2, 9pm
2.3 million, 9.6% Audience Share

DOCUMENTARY: Wild Caribbean: Treasure Islands, 9pm, BBC2
From The Daily Express - 16/01/2007 (163 words) CHARLOTTE CIVIL

Think of paradise and the Caribbean, with its palm-fringed islands, sunshine, sand and sea, should come top of your list. But there is far more to be discovered. It has a hidden wild side. From the islands of the Caribbean Sea to the shores of central America, this is a region of incredible variety, with lush tropical rainforests, salty lagoons, windswept deserts and volcanic peaks. Its exotic wildlife is a world away from the Caribbean we think we know. Both on land and beneath its warm clear waters it usually appears serene, but over the years, the islands and the inhabitants have been shaped by cataclysmic forces such as volcanic eruptions and tropical storms. This fascinating programme takes us through the many islands and reveals why the Caribbean is such a unique treasure trove that should be experienced by all.

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