Online Music Catalogues

BMGZomba music is a music library which contains old music composed for the BBC in the past and is still BBC copyright. You can hear the track and search by category or by a key word.

Another great site which works in a very similar way is www.audiolicense.net (this is the site I used to chose music during my recent session at Wildscreen), very easy to use and find music in particular genres.

Both of these sites save us from the traditional method of searching through mountains of CDs, which never seem to deliver what their elaborate descriptions would lead you to expect. You can quickly sample tracks live on the web, download them in a WAV format ready for use in AVID of FCP, and pay per use for the ones you download.

A site I was sent today is www.searchdewolfe.com

Quick tip: If its commercial music your after and you dont quite now which one to use you could always use Limewire to find and download a few options. Of course this peer2peer sharing system is breaking copywrite laws but if you use the track for broadcast then you'll pay the artist in the usual way.

- Paul Williams

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