Films Created in Computer Games? - Machinima

Computers competing with TV
Children and adults are getting more and more into computer gaming, diverting a big share of the audience away from TV.

Working with BBC Creative Research and Development, I hit the streets of Liverpool and London with a camera and some carefully worded questions to interview a wide range of people about their media habits. When asked the simple question “What is more important, computer games or TV” the answer from most of the under 18’s and many over 18’s, was gaming. They would rather play and interact with the action than be a passive viewer.

CR&D are currently working on phase II of a project looking into games and the BBC.

With the rise of many games such as "The Movies" game allowing the player to create a film of their own in a sims-like world, is TV even more at threat? Not only are we competing with computer gaming but we are now starting to compete with programmes created by computer gaming.


Machinima is a new form of filmmaking that uses computer game technology to shoot films in the virtual reality of a game engine - Machinima creators literally act out their movies within a computer game. The viewpoint the game gives is treated as the view through the camera, and this can be simply recorded and edited into a film.

If you’ve got a computer capable of playing Doom 3, Half-Life 2, Unreal Tournament 2004 or even Quake, you've already got everything you need to set up your own movie studio inside your PC.

If you want to find more out visit: Machinima.com

Award Winning Machinima Films
Machinima movies like “Hardly Workin'” and “Red vs Blue”, using the Quake engine, have already won awards at film festivals across the world. Machinima has been shown on television. And several Machinima films have clocked up well over a million viewers.

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