How to automatically download news-feeds to your PDA - AvantGo

How to automatically download your favourite news-feeds, blog-updates or other web content, on the go: AvantGo.

Once you have installed the free software on your PDA (Pocket PC) you just need to sign up for a free AvantGo account, and then select the RSS (Really Simple Syndication channels) that you want. All you need to do now if synch up your PDA to the web through wifi, GPRS or through your PC, and the channels will automatically be updated with the latest content.

I subsribe to BBC News, Guardian Unlimited and Guardian Media and the Times. I also get my TV listings through the Digiguide RSS Channel, so I dont need to buy TV times anymore.

If you can't find the channel you want in the directory you can create your own; I created a BBC Science and Nature channel. You could even create a Golden Frog Channel.

What AvantGo say about themselves:AvantGo is a free service that delivers thousands of mobile websites to consumers on their handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smartphones. Thousands of companies and dozens of major brands, including American Airlines, CNET, GM, Rolling Stone and The New York Times, provide mobile website content on the AvantGo service. With more than 7 million registered subscribers all over the globe, AvantGo is the world's leading mobile internet service.


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