How To Bittorent

60% of all internet traffic is illegal downloading of media through the bittorrent system. Bittorrent itself is not illegal but much of the content shared on the system is. If you are interested in finding out how people are downloading BBC programmes illegally then please read the following guide - 5 steps to bittorrenting.

Please note that I do not condone the illegal downloading of content, however, I do feel that it is important that the BBC are aware of these methods and that we take steps to either beat or join them.

1. Download Bittorrent software.
Azureus is a popular and user-friendly one.

2. Find a Torrent Site.
Most torrents are advertised on a torrent site such as Torrentspy or Demonoid

3. Find a Torrent.
Torrent sites usually have a directory with such groups as Windows Applications, Music, Films, Documentaries, TV etc. They also have a search function so that you can search for all Torrents listed as “BBC” or “Lost” etc.

4. Open the Torrent.
Click the torrent link and open up the file. This will automatically send a signal to the Azureus software on your desktop to start connecting to peers (other people downloading the torrent you are interested in).
See the image below showing programmes being downloaded.

5. The File Downloads
Azureus will connect to all other peers around the world. They will start sending you little packages of data and then you will start sending them packages that you have received from other peers. By passing these little packages of data around, the file you are interested in is eventually assembled on your computer like a jigsaw.

More and more people are choosing to use this system to receive their media, often many months before the programmes are is broadcast on television. Many of the BBC Programmes downloaded through a torrent site contain extra indents at the start of the programme, added by the original person who created the torrent.

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