How To Podcast - 5 Steps to Podcasting

There are 5 steps involved in podcasting

1. Get some podcast software (such as Itunes)
2. Tell your software the address of the "feed"
3. Start downloading
4. Synch with your ipod or portable device
5. Listen and enjoy - what you want, where you want.

From the BBC Podcast Trial page

1. Get some podcast software
You have to download a piece of software which will search the web to find the latest version of the files you want, for example, the next episode in a radio series.

List of podcast software on podcastingnews.com
(always read the set-up and help guides for new software)

2. Add the address of the "feed" to your software
Once you have the software, choose the radio programme that you would like automatically delivered to your computer every time there's a new show (e.g. In Our Time or Film Cafe).

To "subscribe" to a programme you copy the address of the podcast "feed" from the relevant BBC page and add it to your podcast application.

3. Start downloading
When a new show for your subscriptions becomes available your software will automatically download it. On completion you can listen to the mp3 on your pc or transfer it to your portable player to listen to later.

The software will automatically download any subsequent shows as soon as they are available.

As a general rule BBC programme files will be made available shortly after broadcast. In some cases this may be several hours.

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