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If you have become fed up with some of the more amateur podcasts you may wish to navigate straight to those created by professional broadcasting organisations (but be warned - you may miss out of some gems from "Bedroom Broadcasters").


Check out our competitors in the podcast world and explore the potential for what the BBC could be doing. There are very few broadcasting organisations who are vodcasting (video podcasting) but ABC News are paving the way with their daily News update:


PublicRadioFan.com is a directory that tracks podcasts from public radio around the world, including BBC, CBC, ABC and just about any public service broadcaster you can think of. This nicely designed and well-organised site provides many preferences for customising the display without registration. Browse programs through the schedule guide that provides a TV guide style overview of the programs currently playing and coming up within the next hour.

Not all of the programs are podcasts, meaning you can't add them to your podcasting program like iTunes or feed reader. However, it's easy to find the podcasts by going to the Special Listings section on the left side of the site.

One of my favourite podcasts is from CBC; Quirks and Quarks:

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