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TV Forus is a useful site for finding streaming TV stations which you can watch on your PC through Windows Media Player. These include BBC World News and content from other professional broadcasters, plus some gems which are only broadcast via the web.

This is what TV Forus Say about themselves:
"Welcome to Tvforus is a portal to free live online television broadcasting and other streaming content for broadband users.
Tvforus provides you with more than 500 LIVE broadband televisions a big selection of the best quality free online television streams found on the net. In the "Sites" section you will find links to broadcasters that stream live tv exclusively on their site."

Streaming TV On-Line
If you have the Winamp application (an alternative to Windows Media player) - it has a TV listing option in one of the menus (as well as Radio)- this will find some of the best and worst channels that are out there. It is interesting that not only are we seeing more and more "bedroom broadcasters" releasing Video podcasts, but now we even see people creating their own streaming channels. People are broadcasting their own schedules much of which is composed of content which could be taken illegally through internet bittorrent downloads.

I dont think we have to worry too much yet - if you look at the images below, you'll see that there are less than 10 viewers for each of the channels shown. The number of viewers is also limited by bandwidth so sometimes you have to que to watch a channel.

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