Beautiful beast: Amba The Russian Tiger

Sunday Nov 30th 2008
Animal Planet at 8:00pm

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan heads to eastern Russia on his most challenging trip to date, as he goes in search of the Russian tiger. The beautiful and unknown area of Ussuriland is his destination which has the largest unbroken area of forest with the single largest population of tigers anywhere in the world.

Throughout his journey Gordon meets many local people for whom life in the beautiful forests is a harsh and demanding reality. Men must hunt to survive, but the increase of logging brings the disappearance of the forests and ultimately the source of their food. Gordon soon realises that the tale of Amba the tiger is steeped in mystery and tradition, intrinsic to the local's beliefs. This film is a unique glimpse into a remarkable way of life in this land of extremes, as Gordon's search for the elusive tiger reveals far more than he could have imagined.

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  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Animal Planet isn't everyones viewing choice on a sunday night, but it is a great film about an amazing place and animal that is really under threat. So if you are not watching Top Gear, Strictly Come Dancing or a testicular cancer fund raiser on ITV watch AMBA the Russian Tiger at 8pm this Sunday!