The new V12 Phantom high speed camera

"The world's first CMOS-based high-speed camera capable of taking 1,000,000 pictures-per-second" http://www.visionresearch.com/

The new Phantom even-higher speed camera, the V12.1 has just been launched. It's about 1.5 stops more sensitive than the Phantom HD.

The Phantom V12.1 camera is essentially a specially designed, 1280x800 high-definition CMOS sensor that is available in color or monochrome and built specifically for high-speed imaging applications. At full-resolution comparable to the Varicam, the Phantom V12.1 can record 6,242 fps in a wide aspect ratio (it doesn't do 1920 lines) .

At lower resolutions, the camera can go even faster maxing out at 1,000,000 fps at a resolution of 128x8 (optional). Compare this to the Phantom HD which has a top speed of 1052fps at 1920x1080 or 1500 fps at 1280x720. The NAC Memrecam does about 2500 fps at 1280x720.

The Phantom V12.1 also is compatible with the CineMag system, which is essentially a memory magazine that mounts directly to the body of the camera, providing added storage and data protection.

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