Wild About Your Garden: Code Red

Wednesday 3 December, 8.30pm BBC ONE, Episode 3

In the third programme in the series, the Wild About Your Garden team face their toughest challenge yet: to attract the rare red squirrel to a barren garden in Dundee. The garden belongs to Donna, Kerry and their two children, Jake and Millana. The McLoughins run a massage therapy business, but there's little time for meditation on this job.

Wildlife specialist Ellie seeks refuge from the chaos of the garden, so takes Donna and Millana to the magnificent Cairngorms, one of the last strongholds of the red squirrel, to try and catch a glimpse of this extraordinary animal.

As usual, designer Chris has big plans. With a huge pond and sculpted earthwork to build, he has also ordered in truck loads of plants. On top of this, the project is beset by problems on a massive scale as the team contend with broken diggers and a lethal 1000 watt cable just inches under the soil, which brings work to a shuddering halt. Undeterred, Nick tries to convince the locals to plant trees in every garden to create a red squirrel runway, straight from the local woods into the family's garden.

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