OMG! - Red Cam finally announce their pant-wetting Digital Still and Motion Camera System

I was looking all over www.red.com trying to find any glint of what today's announcements might have been - but to no avail, so a fellow Red enthusiast 'CJ' pointed me in the right direction with this enthusiastic summary...

'This looks, frankly, astonishing if it ever materializes in the field. In effect it's an SLR and a video camera... but equally good at both given the modular nature. And, at the moment a 9K video camera able to shoot at 50fps... and is also a 65MP still camera!!! And in 2010 (apparently) Red will launch a 28K video camera capable of 25fps... which is also a still camera of 261MP!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG... there will be some seriously wet pants amongst the camera community about this one!'

For the more technically inclined amongst our readers check out the write up from Engadget...
"After a morning of drip-fed images, RED just went official with its DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) System. The system starts with your choice of the professional Scarlet or "master professional" EPIC brains which can then be bunged into about 2,251,799,813,685,248 possible camera configurations, RED only half-jokingly chides. The brains are built upon Mysterium-X and Mysterium Monstro sensors which start at 2/3-inch and end at a whopping 6x17-cm -- when a new sensor comes out you just upgrade the brain. Scarlet will launch in 4 choices ranging from $2,500 (and possibly less) to $12,000 with a variety of lens mounts (yes, Canon and Nikon) capable of shooting 3K @120fps on up to 6K @30fps. Epic will offer similar mounts with capabilities spanning 5K @100fps ($28k) to 9K @50fps ($45k) -- a 28K system hitting 25fps is expected in 2010 for $55k. Still image resolutions will range from 4.9 megapixels to a freakish 261 megapixels. The first Scarlet systems could come as early as Spring of 2009 while EPIC should arrive by summer. Of course, the brain is just the beginning of the costs. RED also introduced a 3D camera configuration today in true, "one more thing" fashion."
Read more at Engadget

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