Wild About Your Garden: Bristol

Wednesday 26 November, 8.30pm BBC ONE
Episode: 2 of 6

The Wild About Your Garden trio are in the city of Bristol, taking on a garden belonging to Mark and Fiona, who is heavily pregnant. Even though they live on the edge of a city, they're desperate for their baby to grow up with wildlife close at hand. It may sound simple, but the team has just four days and their neglected plot hasn't been touched in over 20 years.

Enter Nick Knowles, along with award winning garden designer Chris Beardshaw and wildlife specialist Ellie Harrison. But there's a storm brewing. Ellie wants to entice badgers into the garden, an idea that Chris thinks is horticultural suicide, leaving Nick to referee between the two camps.

The clock is ticking, so the team bury their differences and get stuck in for four gruelling days of digging, building and planting. Chris, ambitious as ever, designs a pond so vast that the local fire brigade are needed to fill it! Nick's brawn is called upon to construct a huge wooden hide, and Ellie builds an impressive badger sett. But the big question is, after all their hard graft, will badgers or any other wildlife start calling this place home?

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