Oceans: Southern Ocean

Tonight BBC 2 8pm
(repeated on the HD channel on Saturday at 5.20 pm)

Image: Paul Rose by Ian Kellett.

The team investigates why parts of the Southern Ocean are warming twice as fast as the rest of the world's oceans and looks at the impact of this phenomenon. They go in search of one of the planet's most curious and enigmatic creatures - the weedy sea dragon. They explore iconic kelp forests to investigate how they're being threatened by the rise in sea temperatures and a new predator. They dive one of the thousand shipwrecks in these waters and in a unique sunken valley, they search for mysterious deep ocean creatures normally found hundreds of metres below the surface. And they enter a maze of perilous sea caves to hunt for evidence of ancient sea creatures that can reveal how this ocean formed.
Produced and Directed by: Penny Allen Series Producer: Helen ThomasExecutive Producer: Anne Laking

"Exciting discoveries and fascinating facts”…. The Daily Mail

"Must sea Viewing"... The People

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