BBC Natural World: Space Chimp

Fri 22 Feb 8.00pm BBC Two and Sat 23 Feb 5.40pm.
If you missed it then watch it on iPlayer before it expires:
A chimp astronaught © NASA

January 31, 1961: a Mercury rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral. The astronaut on board is a three-year-old chimpanzee named Ham. The young chimp is shot into the stratosphere before splashing back down in the Atlantic Ocean. He is thus the first 'earthling' to come back alive from space.

This drama tells the famous chimp's remarkable story, based on reconstructions of events surrounding the mission and footage shot by NASA at the time.

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  1. The most heart warming film I have watched for a long time. The relationship between the soldier and the chimp, Ham, was very moving and sensitively documented. The archive footage was embedded in a seamless manner. Excellent.