Natural World - White Falcon, White Wolf

Don't miss tonight's Natural World: 8:00 p.m. on BBC 2.
On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic a pair of white gyrfalcons and a pack of arctic wolves are both struggling to raise families during the short summer. As the falcons' eggs hatch the race is on to catch enough young arctic hares to feed them; meanwhile the wolf pack have a den in a hillside, from which new cubs should emerge any day. The film is a visual treat thanks to stunning photography and the dramatic landscape of Ellesmere Island, but it also tells a moving story about the day to day lives of two rarely filmed predators, including behaviour has never before been seen by scientists, let alone filmed. The film is beautifully scored by the BBC's New TV Composers Scheme Winner Anne Nikitin.

Narrated by Simon Poland
Produced by Fergus Beeley
Series Editor - Tim Martin

"Natural World is - once again - the most beautiful programme of the week."
The Times

"Last week, the jungles of India - this week, the snowy wastes of the Arctic, where two radiant white predators, a gyrfalcon and an Arctic wolf, struggle to raise families in the short Arctic summer. This visually dazzling film follows them as they hunt their prey across the briefly thawed wilderness."
Daily Mail

American Trailer for its broadcast on PBS.

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