TONIGHT: Natural World - Badgers: Secrets of the Sett

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. on BBC 2
Deep in a picturesque Devon valley lives the best loved wild animal in Britain. Yet while the badger is easily recognized, remarkably few people have ever seen one alive. For a creature never far from controversy and blamed for all manner of destruction and disease, surprisingly little is known about their private family life. Now for the first time we are able to paint a full picture of their lives as we spy on them over a year, big brother style, with hidden cameras deep underground. These are badgers as never seen before.

Narrator - David Attenborough
Producer - Andrew Cooper
Series Editor - Tim Martin

'Narrator David Attenborough whispers that we are being given a "privileged glimpse into a secret world" by this enchanting film, and he is, of course, absolutely right.'
Radio Times

'The badgers of an enchanting valley deep in the Devon countryside have become the unwitting stars of an extaordinary new film.'
Daily Telegraph

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