Natural World: Saved By Dolphins & Wild: A Norfolk Rhapsody

Friday 8th February, 20.00 and 20.50, BBC2
2.3M/2.1M Viewers, 9.6%/8.8% Audience Share
(Average for 20.30: 2.44M, 12% and 20.30: 2.69M, 12%)
Radio Times:
Dolphins have everything going for them. They're cute, clever, emotionally self-aware and, say experts, have a high degree of empathy with humans. But according to this fascinating film, that empathy runs a lot deeper than merely the occasional friendly frolic with swimmers. Dolphins know when humans are in big trouble, and they will come to the rescue. Admittedly, this sounds like wishful thinking, or at the very least some kind of Disney version of aquatic nature, but the programme features a dolphin "rescue" that appears to brook no argument. Coupled with a top-notch reconstruction, swimmers describe how a group of dolphins effectively protected them from attack by a great white shark. The evidence is compelling and the experts are in accord: the act was one of pure altruism.
Wild: A Norfolk Rhapsody
Nature documentary. Cameraman Ian McCarthy films thousands of Norfolk's wading birds taking off into the winter sky.

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