David Attenborough's ten rules for would-be presenters

Nice to see that I and my "Life in Cold Blood" co-researcher Nikki get a mention here...

Number 5: Go the extra mile in research
When you’re planning a programme explaining amphibian lifecycles, for example, you say to your bright, highly qualified researcher: “I know this, this and this about newts and tadpoles, and that means by definition they are fairly well-known. But there must be some guy somewhere who’s doing research on something absolutely mind-blowing which makes that point. Find it!” They will come up with half a dozen and I pick the best. That’s how we discovered the female Venezuelan caymans that raise several other females’ young in a crèche, the legless female amphibian who feeds her young on her own skin, then regrows it, and how we got the last-ever film of Panamanian golden frogs in the wild.
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- Paul Williams

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  1. Clare Couper7:15 PM

    Wow. It must have been amazing to work with the icon of wildlife Telly. Im still at Uni(exeter) but I want to one day work at BBC wildlife. Thanks very much for posting this -and for the awesome series. I really enjoyed it. Clare.