Life In Cold Blood: Dragons of the Dry

Monday 18th February, 21.00, BBC1
5.4M Viewers, 22.6% Audience Share
(Slot Average for Monday 21.00 = 5.62M, 23%)
Repeated on Sunday at 6pm.
Radio Times: 3/5 - Dragons of the Dry
More than any other presenter, David Attenborough is at home sharing the screen with his animal subjects. Or perhaps they feel at home sharing it with him? Either way, the double act produces moments that feel almost showbiz. A highlight this week is the piece to camera Attenborough does by the side of a fabulous monitor lizard, standing handsomely on its back legs, milking its moment of fame. Prior to this series, I wouldn't have thought to use the words "fabulous" and "lizard" in the same sentence, but again and again here you're struck by the beauty of lizards, geckos, skinks and chameleons. Watching dwarf chameleons being born, clinging one-toed to a branch for the first time, is a truly wondrous sight and very touching indeed.

David and a Green Iguana (Photo: Miles Barton, BBC)

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