TONIGHT: Natural World - Saved by Dolphins

8:00 p.m. on BBC 2
Since ancient times there have been stories of dolphins rescuing humans at sea. Is there any truth behind them, or are they just myths and legends? By reconstructing two recent cases, Natural World presents startling new evidence that dolphins will deliberately help people in distress. Set against the backdrops of the Red Sea and New Zealand's North Island, the film dramatises and analyses two events where dolphins are believed to have saved swimmers from sharks, and with the help of scientists, reveals what makes a dolphin take pity on a human.

Narrator - Pete Gallagher
Director - Nick Stringer
Executive Producer - Sarah Cunliffe
Series Editor - Tim Martin

"Dolphins aren't just cute and clever - they've been known to "rescue" humans in mortal danger from sharks, according to evidence in this fascinating documentary."
Radio Times

"This remarkable film is primarily a rescue story resembling an edition of Michael Buerk's 999, but the resuers are dolphins, not lifeboat crew or firefighters, and the incident at its centre is scientifically suggestive as well as gripping."
The Sunday Times


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I would like to thank you for showing a wonderful program tonight about dolphins. I am a dolphin lover and it truely touched my heart to see a animal show that much compassion for a human life. I would love to purchase that documentary. My E-mail is Greeniperson@Netzero. Net

  2. Thanks very much. I was not involved in the programme but I will certainly pass your comments onto the team behind the Natural World series. Best wishes, Paul.

  3. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Wow its amazing to see how well this film is hitting off! So long after its been filmed! I mean it was an amazing experience to be part of the shooting, and to be able to put a good word out there for the mammals that keep on saving our buts! I've swam with them in the wild and its amazing how much they trust you and how close they come, I have not known any other animal that has done that spontaneously without having been captivated first. I wish this doco was aired all over the world. Especially in New Zealand where it all started. :-)