Life in Cold Blood: Sophisticated Serpents

Monday 25th February, 21.00, BBC1
5.5M Viewers, 23.6% Audience Share
(Average for Monday 21.00 = 5.62M, 23%)

Radio Times:
It's all forked tongues, beady eyes and slithering tonight - lots of slithering. "Snakes, it must be admitted, have had a bad reputation ever since one appeared in the Garden of Eden," sighs David Attenborough. He clearly loves them, but is aware that many of us don't, so he does his best to sell serpents to us as brilliant hunters, elegant movers - even tender lovers. And by the end you may be won over. Because it's not all slithering: you may never have seen a snake jump before (like a cracking whip), or spit, or wrestle, or give birth to live young underwater, or snuggle up to another snake; but having watched this, it's hard to regard them as quite so irredeemably legless and alien. And for those of us who enjoyed it in the first episode, there's a reprise of the sequence in which an African rock python eats an antelope...whole. And when you learn that this meal can keep it going for a whole year, you're forced to admit: snakes are cool.

David Attenborough with a Green Mamba

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