Life in Cold Blood 'Dragons of the Dry'

Tonight on BBC One. Join David Attenborough as he meets the lizards and comes face to face with a monitor lizard that stands on tiptoe, is flashed at by anole lizards and uses a rod and line to tempt a timid skink out of its burrow. Other scaly stars include jacky lizards that wave, wrestling beaded lizards and the largest chameleons in the world jousting in the trees. He also encounters the world’s smallest chameleon no bigger than his thumb nail and the biggest lizard in Australia as he traces their colonisation of the earth to become the Dragons of the Dry.

BBC One Monday 18th February at 9pm.
Repeated BBC One Sunday 24th February at 5:35pm

For more about Life in Cold Blood and to see exclusive clips visit www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/lifeincoldblood

See the Chameleon Feeding Montage on YouTube.
The chamaleon feeding montage includes a Madagascan Panther Chameleon which was filmed at up to 2000 frames per second using a high speed Photron camera. When played back at 25 frames per second (the standard speed of video) it reveals the amazing grasping action of the Chameleon tongue, 80x slower than the actual speed.

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