Some recent "Life in Cold Blood" reviews

The Observer.
"... an exhilarating piece of filming, matched by a host of other gems: the South American waxy monkey frog which keeps its skin moist by rubbing itself all over with oily secretions, for all the world like a sunbather on speed. It is effortless, intriguing and utterly sublime: TV that entertains & educates with painless ease. "

The Times

"Here is the mythic presenter cosying up to frogs, alligators and iguanas, captured by the finest wildlife photography in the world. Where does the BBC go from here?"

Daily Telegraph
"Reptiles and amphibians are thought of as slow, dim-witted and primitive," says David Attenborough in this the start of the final chapter of his Life on Earth saga. However they can also be, as this beautifully conceived (and presented) programme shows, affectionate and sophisticated."

Mail W/E
*****"David Attenborough returns with another ground-breaking series to get us marvelling at Mother Natures Glories. Attenborough explains why reptiles (dry skinned), such as marine iguanas, spend so much time lounging around in the sunshine, while amphibians (moist skinned) must avoid it. Not so, however, the South American waxy monkey frog, which has developed a clever feature that enables it to enjoy sunbathing sessions - an in built supply of sun tan lotion. Amazing stuff and there is plenty more in this spectacular opener. "

TV Guide
"Thermal imagery is the new buzzword here, and it really adds pace and drama to the series which, unsurprisingly, oozes quality."

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